Omnipure ELF Carbon Block with Phosphate 12.7" ELF-10M-P


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Omnipure ELF 10M P Water Filter Taste & Odour Reduction with Scale Inhibitor

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Omnipure ELF 10M P

Water Filter Taste & Odour Reduction

with Scale Inhibitor

Omnipure ELF10m-P filters are a 10 micron carbon block filter with phosphate for scale reduction

The Omnipure ELF-10M-P is a 10 micron carbon block with a polyphosphate scale reduction additive.

The food grade polyphosphate sequesters hardness minerals like calcium and magnesium stopping them from forming damaging scale, while the acid washed carbon block reduces chlorine and other organics to produce sparkling clean water.

  • Reduces chlorine and other organics for up to 15,000 gallons

  • Extra Large Filter provides longer life and fewer filter replacements

  • Polyphosphate protects valuable equipment like coffeemakers from damaging scale

  • Made from NSF 42 approved materials

  • Genuine OEM Product



This Omnipure ELF Filter Replaces:

Boema XQS-10, the WFS QC3223P(Water Filter Services) Standard Maxiflow Filter, the Aqua Safe QC350, CD100 cartridge for CD10, CD40 Systems.

Also suits ICEU series including ICEU-305 & ICEU-805


Filter Life: Maximum 6-month service life

Technical Specifications:

Engineered and manufactured to the same exacting standards as all Omnipure filters, the ELF-SeriesT expanded volume and higher flow rates are ideal for commercial applications such as equipment protection and water polishing.

Each filter series is tested with a maximum pressure of 125 psi and a maximum temperature of 38°C.


The OMNIPURE ELF-10M P Water Filters Operating Specifications are as Follows

  • Manufacturer's Id : ELF-10M-P

  • Actual Size (in) : 12-3/4 inches (length) x 4 1/8 inches (outside diameter)

  • Actual Size (cm) : 32.38 x 10.47

  • Media : Block GAC with Scale Inhibitor

  • Primary Filter Media : Activated Carbon Block

  • Filter Life (gallons) : 10,000

  • Filter Life (liters) : 37,854.12

  • Filter Life (months) : 6 months

  • Micron Rating (Nominal) : 10

  • Operating Temperature (°F) : 40 - 100

  • Operating Temperature (°C) : 4.4 - 37.8

  • Flow Rate (gpm) : 1.67

  • Flow Rate (lpm) : 6.322

  • Certifications : NSF/ANSI Standard 42

  • Warranty Guarantee : Limited Warranty


Filter to effectively reduce the sediment, chlorine, taste & odours.

  • 99.30% of Lead at pH 6.5

  • 99.90% of Lead at pH 8.5

  • 94.50% of Mercury at pH 6.5

  • 96.60% of Mercury at pH 8.5

  • 97.60% of Partculates (Class 1) 

  • 89.60% of Benzene

  • 99.90% of P-Dichlorobenzene

  • 99.99% of Cysts

  • 98.70% of Carbofuran

  • 97.00% of Chlorine

  • 99.10% of Turbidity

Reduces the following contaminants:

2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid (2,4-D)

Asbestos/ Atrazine/ Benzene/ Carbofuran/ Chlorine Taste & Odor/ Toxaphene

Lead at pH 6.5/ Lead at pH 8.5/ Lindane/ Mercury at pH 6.5/ Mercury at pH 8.5

Particulates (Class I)


Chemical and Mechanical ReductionTested and Certified by NSF International against NSF/ANSI Standards 42 for the reduction of Chlorine Taste and Odour.

Important: Do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system. The contaminants or other substances removed or reduced by the water filter device are not necessarily in your water.



We aim to provide you with the best price available in Australia!

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase we offer a full refund or replacement.



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