Sale! Doulton W9223026 UltraCarb FRX02 Franke Ceramic Filter

Doulton W9223026 UltraCarb FRX02 Franke Ceramic Filter


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W9223021, Doulton Ultra Carb,ultra carbon, FRX-02 FRX02, FRX-02, FRXH1, UltraCarb Franke Filter

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Doulton W9223026 UltraCarb FRX02 Franke Ceramic Filter

The Franke Compatible FRX-02 FRX02 Triflow Filter Cartridge is the replacement cartridge for Filtration Systems that are included with Franke Triflow faucets including but not limited to the FRXH1 and FRXS2.

Also fits the Franke Little Butler System.

The Doulton W9223021 UltraCarb Franke Filter features a Sterasyl ceramic outer shell and carbon block core with ATS resin.

W9223020 cleanable filter elements are designed to remove suspended solids pathogenic bacteria hydrogen sulphide and lead.

In addition they will improve taste and reduce trace contaminants.

At the heart of every Doulton ceramic filter is the Sterasyl silver impregnated ceramic microfilter.

The Doulton W9223021 features silver locked within the ceramic structure which inhibits the growth of bacteria and gives the ceramics self-sterilizing properties.

Doulton ceramics do not remove the beneficial minerals from the water ensuring the filtered water is enjoyable to drink and yet safe from harmful impurities.

The Doulton UltraCarb Ceramic Filter is a self-sterilizing filter with submicron filtration at an economical cost!.

The Doulton Ultra Carb W9223020 features ultra carbon is silver impregnated and has a carbon block + metallic media core. The W9223021 has four filtration stages within a single cartridge and is open at both ends.

First Stage: The first stage consists of Doulton ultracarb ceramic which provides genuine sub micron filtration.

The cartridge reduces fine particulate matter bacteria cysts and turbidity.

Second stage: The incorporation of silver locked within the ceramic structure gives enhanced bacteriostatic and self sterilizing properties.

Third Stage: An inner core of activated carbon block removes chlorine and organic compounds.

Fourth Stage: Ion exchange resin reduces Lead and other heavy metals. The Ultracarb ceramic filter is designed to be used in pressure filters. Not for gravity filter use. Specs:. Approximate Dimensions: 10 (25.4 cm) long X 2 Diameter - short (3/4 ) thread mount




Manufacturer's Id


Advertised Size (in)

10 x 2

Actual Size (in)

10 inches (length) x 2 inches (outside diameter)

Actual Size (cm)

25.4 x 5.08


Zeolite metal ion reduction medium, granular carbon, and powdered carbon

Primary Filter Media

Activated Carbon Block

Filter Life (gallons)


Filter Life (liters)


Filter Life (months)

6 months

Micron Rating (Nominal)


Micron Rating (Absolute)

0.9 microns

Operating Pressure (psi)

10 - 125

Operating Temperature (°F)      

41 - 107

Operating Temperature (°C)

5 - 41.7

Flow Rate (gpm)


Flow Rate (lpm)



Reduces the following contaminants:

  • 99.99% of Cholera

  • 99.99% of Cryptosporidium

  • E. Coli

  • Fecal Coliform

  • Giardia

  • 85.00% of Insecticide

  • 98.30% of Lead at ph 6.5-8.5

  • Pesticides

  • Phenols

  • 95.00% of Protozoa

  • Salmonella

  • Serratia

  • 50% of Total Trihalomethanes (TTHM)

  • Typhoid

  • The DOULTON-W9223026 does not reduce fluoride.



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